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Blue Lagoon Marina Open Regatta – 3rd September 2014

Wonderful boats out on display before the race. Designs from Rain Inoue (Therrainia Resident) and Rei (Reigen Zeplin).

What a fantastic Regatta !

Slick sailing, fantastic people and great ambiance.

This Open Regatta was perhaps our biggest to date with 20 boats taking part, but at least three of them crewed, perhaps more and a whole lot of speculators coming to watch some of the best sailing in SL.

An excellent race with no crashes. 20 boats of all shapes and size on a course that crosses itself and no crashes, how cool is that!

Race 1 was the North Sea Olympic Course


Race 2 was the 3 laps of the North Sea Short Loop Course


Yours truly messed up in the first running of the second race. I didn’t turn on the multiple laps on the line, so we all set off for 3 laps and after a little while, we realised that race was over when it was obviously not… silly me. So we restarted and did it again. Stopping the 1st race using an unconventional method 🙂

The second time was much better and 3 or 4 sailors who crashed or messed up their camera in the first effort, were happy to try again. We did have 2 DNF unfortunately. It is a really tricky course as the boats are on top of each other around the tight corners.

Well done to all !! Thanks for participating 🙂

Thanks to Gwen for her great party installation. Thanks to Robyn for playing the music for the party. Thanks to Fabber for filming the event. Thanks to Elbag for giving me support during the event.

Photos from ZZ Bottom: https://www.flickr.com/photos/zzbottom/sets/72157646778926877/


Topless Tuesdays – TrYC – 5th August 2014

We raced the M-24 yesterday. A good fleet of boats turned up and we got off to a good start – that is until we crossed the start line 🙂 The line was borked and didn’t register the boat IDs and therefore neither the results. But, all was not lost as it wasn’t too tricky to see who finished and in what order.

Wind was Northerly 18 Kts.

Race 1: H1
Winner finished: 00:03:57, winner – Kurt, followed by Beane, Slanty, Lucy & Justin (with Delight as crew). Orca DNF.

Race 2: H2 3 laps !!!
Winner finished: 00:11:47, winner – Orca, closely followed by Lucy, Slanty, Beane, Kurt, Justin (with Delight as crew) & Rosie

Race 3: O7
Winner finished: 00:08:51, winner – Kurt, followed by Rosie, Justin (with Delight as crew), Beane & Slanty. Lucy DNF and Orca DNS.

Photo from Lucy. More photos from her, here.

Photo from Speedy. More photos from him, here.

Thursday Patch II Racing with TrYC – North Sea

Good racing yesterday. We had Popow join us for the first time, so welcome to him. Armano was on top form with Destiny at his heels all the way. The third race was nearly 20 minutes and they had 6 seconds between them at the end. Close racing.

Well done to everyone. See you next week.

Thanks to Fabber for another great video!

Wind was from the West South West 225° 18 kts

Race 1: North Sea Short Olympic Course
Race Results:
1: Armano Xaris IDAX4 — 00:09:52
2: SteveLL Resident IDJB08 — 00:10:15
3: Destiny Wescott ID2772 — 00:10:35
4: LucyInTheSky Afarensis IDLUCY — 00:10:44
5: Popow Horbaczewski ID351 — 00:10:50
6: Laycee Deed IDLD22 — 00:11:21
7: Arwyn Silverweb ID54 — 00:11:46
8: Deni Karfield IDDENI — 00:11:57
9: CorSakov Sosa IDPHOP — 00:12:12

Lap Times:
Armano Xaris IDAX4 — Start: 00:00:02 — Last lap: 00:09:50
SteveLL Resident IDJB08 — Start: 00:00:15 — Last lap: 00:10:00
Destiny Wescott ID2772 — Start: 00:00:07 — Last lap: 00:10:28
LucyInTheSky Afarensis IDLUCY — Start: 00:00:06 — Last lap: 00:10:38
Popow Horbaczewski ID351 — Start: 00:00:18 — Last lap: 00:10:32
Laycee Deed IDLD22 — Start: 00:00:00 — Last lap: 00:11:21
Arwyn Silverweb ID54 — Start: 00:00:42 — Last lap: 00:11:04
Deni Karfield IDDENI — Start: 00:00:15 — Last lap: 00:11:42
CorSakov Sosa IDPHOP — Start: 00:00:10 — Last lap: 00:12:02

Race 2: North Sea Breadnut NS-1b
Race Results:
1: Armano Xaris IDAX4 — 00:18:45 – DSQ – missed buoy
2: Destiny Wescott ID2772 — 00:18:52
3: LucyInTheSky Afarensis IDLUCY — 00:19:33
4: Arwyn Silverweb ID54 — 00:20:04
5: Laycee Deed IDLD22 — 00:20:13
6: SteveLL Resident IDJB08 — 00:20:23
7: Popow Horbaczewski ID351 — 00:20:47
8: Deni Karfield IDDENI — 00:20:58
9: CorSakov Sosa IDPHOP — 00:22:27

Lap Times:
Armano Xaris IDAX4 — Start: 00:00:08 — Last lap: 00:18:37 – DSQ – missed buoy
Destiny Wescott ID2772 — Start: 00:00:13 — Last lap: 00:18:39
LucyInTheSky Afarensis IDLUCY — Start: 00:00:18 — Last lap: 00:19:15
Arwyn Silverweb ID54 — Start: 00:00:14 — Last lap: 00:19:50
Laycee Deed IDLD22 — Start: 00:00:25 — Last lap: 00:19:48
SteveLL Resident IDJB08 — Start: 00:00:53 — Last lap: 00:19:30
Popow Horbaczewski ID351 — Start: 00:00:23 — Last lap: 00:20:24
Deni Karfield IDDENI — Start: 00:00:10 — Last lap: 00:20:48
CorSakov Sosa IDPHOP — Start: 00:00:19 — Last lap: 00:22:08

Race 3: North Sea Breadnut NS-1c
Race Results:
1: Armano Xaris IDAX4 — 00:18:05
2: Destiny Wescott ID2772 — 00:18:11
3: LucyInTheSky Afarensis IDLUCY — 00:19:15
4: Laycee Deed IDLD22 — 00:19:24
5: SteveLL Resident IDJB08 — 00:19:42
6: Deni Karfield IDDENI — 00:21:53
7: Arwyn Silverweb ID54 — 00:22:09

Lap Times:
Armano Xaris IDAX4 — Start: 00:00:03 — Last lap: 00:18:02
Destiny Wescott ID2772 — Start: 00:00:26 — Last lap: 00:17:45
LucyInTheSky Afarensis IDLUCY — Start: 00:00:20 — Last lap: 00:18:55
Laycee Deed IDLD22 — Start: 00:00:01 — Last lap: 00:19:23
SteveLL Resident IDJB08 — Start: 00:00:34 — Last lap: 00:19:08
Deni Karfield IDDENI — Start: 00:00:18 — Last lap: 00:21:35
Arwyn Silverweb ID54 — Start: 00:00:18 — Last lap: 00:21:51









Thursday Patch II racing with the TrYC – 24th July 2014

It has been a busy week for some. Excellent winds, sunny skies and yesterday was just another perfect day in Paradise. Somebody should write a song about that.

We sailed the Trudeau Patchogue II over the North Sea Olympic course and the North Sea Hay 1 course.

Wind was SW 18kts

North Sea Olympic

Race Results:
1: Destiny Wescott ID2772 — 00:21:39
2: Kurt Calamity IDKC01 — 00:22:08
3: Orca Flotta IDTRYC — 00:23:01
4: SteveLL Resident IDJB08 — 00:23:21
5: LucyInTheSky Afarensis IDLUCY — 00:24:07
6: CorSakov Sosa IDPHOP — 00:24:16
7: MaitiYenni Resident IDMY27 — 00:24:43
8: Arvene Price IDRM01 — 00:24:50
9: Arwyn Silverweb ID54 — not Finished

Lap Times:
Destiny Wescott ID2772 — Start: 00:00:17 — Last lap: 00:21:22
Kurt Calamity IDKC01 — Start: 00:00:13 — Last lap: 00:21:55
Orca Flotta IDTRYC — Start: 00:00:17 — Last lap: 00:22:44
SteveLL Resident IDJB08 — Start: 00:00:09 — Last lap: 00:23:12
LucyInTheSky Afarensis IDLUCY — Start: 00:00:16 — Last lap: 00:23:51
CorSakov Sosa IDPHOP — Start: 00:00:01 — Last lap: 00:24:15
MaitiYenni Resident IDMY27 — Start: 00:00:02 — Last lap: 00:24:41
Arvene Price IDRM01 — Start: 00:00:04 — Last lap: 00:24:46
Arwyn Silverweb ID54 — Start: 00:00:12 — Last lap: not finished

North Sea Hay 1

Race Results:
1: Destiny Wescott ID2772 — 00:28:53
2: LucyInTheSky Afarensis IDLUCY — 00:30:09
3: Orca Flotta IDTRYC — 00:30:13
4: MaitiYenni Resident IDMY27 — 00:32:51
5: Arvene Price IDRM01 — 00:32:52
6: CorSakov Sosa IDPHOP — 00:35:10
7: Kurt Calamity IDKC01 — not Finished
8: SteveLL Resident IDJB08 — not Finished

Lap Times:
Destiny Wescott ID2772 — Start: 00:00:11 — Last lap: 00:28:42
LucyInTheSky Afarensis IDLUCY — Start: 00:00:06 — Last lap: 00:30:03
Orca Flotta IDTRYC — Start: 00:00:01 — Last lap: 00:30:12
MaitiYenni Resident IDMY27 — Start: 00:00:10 — Last lap: 00:32:41
Arvene Price IDRM01 — Start: 00:01:54 — Last lap: 00:30:58
CorSakov Sosa IDPHOP — Start: 00:00:03 — Last lap: 00:35:07
Kurt Calamity IDKC01 — Start: 00:00:18 — Last lap: not finished
SteveLL Resident IDJB08 — Start: 00:00:25 — Last lap: not finished

Well done to Destiny for her two 1st places; well done to Kurt and Lucy for the runner-up positions; well done to Orca for her two 3rd places; well done to all the sailors and crew that participated.

Thanks to Fabber for filming our racing. We now have three  stunning films that show of quite nicely the quality and breadth of racing that goes on here in the North Sea. See my profile for all three videos.

Snapshot_3580 Snapshot_3581 Snapshot_3583 Snapshot_3584

Blue Lagoon Marina Open Class Regatta – 23rd July 2014

We had a wonderful Open Class Regatta yesterday with 16 boats taking part overall.

What a stunning sight to see them all sailing together.

We have been using the Handicap system for some time now (based on the Hotlaps courses around SL) and for this race, I have applied the new North Sea Handicaps based on previous race results in these waters.

So for the first race, we sailed the North Sea Olympic course. We had 15 boats race and 15 boats finished. A good result from all.


Well done to Destiny, our winner; Kurt the runner-up; and Justin for coming 3rd. Well done to all sailors for sailing a good race with no major incidents.

Our second race was interesting. It was  3-laps of the North Sea Short Loop course (link to chart). This was so cool as the racers were going around the spectator platform each lap. It made for some exciting viewing.

To calculate the handicap-corrected times, I have added the 3 lap times (in black below) and multiplied the total to the handicap value for each boat. The handicap time (Corrected total lap time) in red has nothing to do with the start time or the overall time (in grey).


Well done again to Destiny, our winner; Anu the runner-up; and again Justin for coming 3rd. Well done to all the rest.

We had a few crashes, one withdrawal, and Maiti did not start.

Thanks very much to my best friend Laycee who helped with organisation and judging at various buoys.

As RD, I had to return 4 boats during the racing yesterday. I really don’t like doing this, but sometimes it has to be done. 2 were random people who were out sailing in the waters. One guy sailed directly into the start – he didn’t have time to get out the way – and I apologised a few times for taking such drastic action. He was fine with it though. The second was a lady who I warned a few times, but she still sailed into oncoming racing boats, trying to squeeze past. She may have seen them, but some of the racers are concentrating on the race and don’t expect another boat to come head-on towards them. The third and forth deletion was one of our sailors, who for some reason decided in both races to turn 180° when finishing into other boats coming behind. I’ll have a chat with this sailor to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

A video of the event. Thanks to Fabber (fabber resident) for shooting and editing this. I know how much work goes into making a film like this and I really appreciate it.

Some photos of our spectator platform and of the racing. Gwen did a spectacular job again in setting up the bar and the lighting. Thanks to her for that.

Snapshot_3552 Snapshot_3554 Snapshot_3555 Snapshot_3559 Snapshot_3561 Snapshot_3562







Racing with the Waypoint Y.C.

I was invited to race the Patch II with the guys & girls of the Waypoint Y.C.

We raced from SE corner of Blake on Arabian and raced to the blue buoy on Mizzen and back a couple of times.

The 1st race was OK. At least I didn’t completely embarrass myself.

Race Results:
1: Maiko Taurog ID642 — 00:23:30
2: Kurt Calamity IDKC01 — 00:23:53
3: SachBee Resident ID999 — 00:25:25
4: notohama Resident IDNT012 — 00:25:37
5: PetraPaname Resident IDNL02 — 00:25:47
6: Anu Daviau IDAD10 — 00:27:11
7: joro Aya IDSLUT — 00:27:16
8: ayahoshi Resident ID117 — not Finished

The 2nd race was worse. I did embarrass myself by double-clicking on my sail whilst in the Crow’s Nest sim and I ended up teleporting up onto the lighthouse. Damn! The boat de-rezzed instantly and when I pulled out another I couldn’t get WWC. So that was that.

Race Results:
1: Maiko Taurog ID642 — 00:23:21
2: Kurt Calamity IDKC01 — 00:24:36
3: ayahoshi Resident ID117 — 00:24:48
4: joro Aya IDSLUT — 00:25:40
5: notohama Resident IDNT012 — 00:26:23
6: Wolfhard Resident IDWOLF — 00:26:25
7: SachBee Resident ID999 — 00:26:28
8: Anu Daviau IDAD10 — 00:28:23
9: PetraPaname Resident IDNL02 — not Finished

So Maiko  was the Friday champion. We went back to the Waypoint Y.C. to take some photos – all very civilised.

Thanks to Taku Raymaker for Race Directing. Well done to Maiko for winning both races. Thanks to all the sailors there for having me over. Thanks to Kurt for inviting me to sail. I’ll be back!

Look how neat and tidy it all is. Everyone listening to the RD’s instructions.


Wow, Reef #2 as we sail upwind in a 23kt wind.
Going past the Crow’s Nest Lighthouse.
Ready for the second race.
And through the channel at Crow’s Nest Lighthouse just before I double clicked the sail to get the camera view back to normal.
After race photo session.


Thursday Patch II races – TrYC – 12th June 2014

Wow! 2 new racers joined us yesterday. It was great to have Maiti come along with her Patch and I was so chuffed to see Melody get into her Patch and race with us for the first time.

A good turnout of 9 boats, some great racing by very talented skippers.

Lucy crashed out of the 1st race. I assume it had something to do with the Brazilian Internet or perhaps it was her robot avi. Olly crashed out of the 2nd, something about needing the loo during the race 😉

Kurt, Destiny and Kris were on top form. Great effort but everyone else and a commendable result for Mel in her 1st race. Lets hope to see her and Penny out on the water more often.

Race 1: North Sea Olympic course
Race Results:
1: Kurt Calamity IDKC01 — 00:18:28
2: Destiny Wescott ID2772 — 00:18:55
3: Kris Hollysharp IDKH47 — 00:19:44
4: Arwyn Silverweb ID54 — 00:19:57
5: SteveLL Resident IDJB08 — 00:20:37
6: MaitiYenni Resident IDMY27 — 00:21:14
7: Melody Paslong IDM212 — 00:22:24
8: ollyian1 Resident IDOLY — 00:23:55
9: LucyInTheSky Afarensis IDLUCY — not Finished

Lap Times:
Kurt Calamity IDKC01 — Start: 00:00:01 — Last lap: 00:18:27
Destiny Wescott ID2772 — Start: 00:00:23 — Last lap: 00:18:32
Kris Hollysharp IDKH47 — Start: 00:00:00 — Last lap: 00:19:44
Arwyn Silverweb ID54 — Start: 00:00:06 — Last lap: 00:19:51
SteveLL Resident IDJB08 — Start: 00:00:07 — Last lap: 00:20:30
MaitiYenni Resident IDMY27 — Start: 00:00:03 — Last lap: 00:21:11
Melody Paslong IDM212 — Start: 00:00:17 — Last lap: 00:22:07
ollyian1 Resident IDOLY — Start: 00:00:16 — Last lap: 00:23:39
LucyInTheSky Afarensis IDLUCY — Start: 00:00:15 — Last lap: not finished

Race 2: North Sea HAY 1 course
Race Results:
1: Destiny Wescott ID2772 — 00:26:45
2: Kurt Calamity IDKC01 — 00:27:58
3: Kris Hollysharp IDKH47 — 00:29:13
4: Arwyn Silverweb ID54 — 00:31:22
5: SteveLL Resident IDJB08 — 00:32:33
6: Melody Paslong IDM212 — 00:33:30
7: MaitiYenni Resident IDMY27 — 00:34:54
8: ollyian1 Resident IDOLY — not Finished

Lap Times:
Destiny Wescott ID2772 — Start: 00:00:18 — Last lap: 00:26:27
Kurt Calamity IDKC01 — Start: 00:00:13 — Last lap: 00:27:45
Kris Hollysharp IDKH47 — Start: 00:00:03 — Last lap: 00:29:10
Arwyn Silverweb ID54 — Start: 00:00:08 — Last lap: 00:31:14
SteveLL Resident IDJB08 — Start: 00:00:16 — Last lap: 00:32:17
Melody Paslong IDM212 — Start: 00:00:40 — Last lap: 00:32:50
MaitiYenni Resident IDMY27 — Start: 00:00:41 — Last lap: 00:34:13
ollyian1 Resident IDOLY — Start: 00:00:35 — Last lap: not finished

Snapshot_2722 Snapshot_2723 Snapshot_2724 Snapshot_2725 Snapshot_2728 Snapshot_2729 Snapshot_2730 Snapshot_2732 Snapshot_2733 Snapshot_2734 Snapshot_2735