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Blue Lagoon Marina Open Regatta – 13th August 2014

We had a fun and interesting Open Regatta yesterday. The weather was warm, the sky was clear and waters calm. A fresh SW 18kt wind had all the boats flying along.

There were 3 new boats sailing that we haven’t seen before, the Dolphin Moth, the Quest T-28 and the JG44. The Moth is a speed demon and goes so fast you can hardly see it if you are standing still on the ground. No wonder it was to hard to film. The Moth crossed the line first in both races, but was it first overall…?

Well here we are racing handicap races where the boats are handicapped according to a formula that tires to level the playing field for all. I explain it like this to some folk:

If 3 perfect sailors, on a perfect day race 3 different boats, they make no errors and they all sail a perfect course – they will cross the line at different times because the boats are different – but when the handicap is applied, they will all get exactly the same corrected lap time.

We are not all perfect however and what handicap racing does, is test the sailor on the day. Not how good or bad the boat is.

We have now a handicap for the Dolphin Moth as you see below. This was calculated from 11 courses (North Sea Olympic) sailed by 3 sailors. It has the highest handicap of 1.77. This will, like all other handicaps, be re-evaluated over time.

So for Race 1 we raced the North Sea Olympic Course.


So for Race 2 we raced the North Sea Circle Course.


Well done to Anu for winning both races, first in the Tako and then in the WW OP-60. Well done to Mel and Justing for coming 2nd and 3rd respectively in the 1st race. Well done to James and Qyv for coming 2nd and 3rd respectively in the 2nd race.

Thanks to Maiti for helping me manage the boats for the races.

Thanks to Gwen for laying on such a wonderful spread for the party.

Here below, we are hanging around the bar before the race. One of the reasons Justin didn’t do so well was that he had one too many whilst chatting up the babes. I’m sure he could have won the race if he was  more sober. Anu and Goku got distracted play Tetris whilst we sat drinking pixelated Piña coladas.



The start of the North Sea Olympic:Snapshot_3735


Mel finishing before half the fleet have done half the course:Snapshot_3738



The after party. Its getting popular, this is the place to be on Wednesday nights:Snapshot_3754



The coast guard entertained us too:Snapshot_3758