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Poseidon Centre is Opened with A Fab Cruise and Party

Great photos of the new North Sea Poseidon sailing centre from Mel

Eden Naturist Estate

Tuesday Feb 10.

The New Poseidon Centre is finished and is a wonderful facility serving the North Sea, Eden and Fruit Islands.  The Leeward Cruising Club kicked it off by hosting one of its weekly cruises this evening followed by a great party at the Centre.

All Edenaughts are invited to go check out the new Centre and see the great Statue of Poseidon at the West end of the facility.LCC_002LCC_007LCC_011LCC_018LCC_036LCC_037

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Work begins on the new North Sea Sailing Centre

Work has begun yesterday on the new North Sea Sailing Centre. After some consultation with interested people and local enterprises, we decided to put down a 3D rendition, with some ideas of the project. Working closely with Elbag and some previous Eden architects, we have now a good idea as to the feeling of the structure.

What we will not have here is another marina. What we will have is a sailing and boating centre where people can come and hang out, learn to sail; try out and buy boats and find many resources for the beginner and expert alike; meet sailors and like-minded people.


The Pier will be the perfect place to watch boat races at Breadnut, with good view of the start/finish line and a couple of the North Eastern buoys of the North Sea. Anyone for a pier party?


This is work in progress and we expect the build to be complete in the next two weeks.



A Year Old

Well I hit the one year old mark yesterday.

No event or wishes. My family had better things to do than see me. My friends were bitching as usual, getting on with their own personal hangups, unloading on me as they do so well, or venting their angst against society and sailing communities. So much fucking negativity.

No longer a noob I suppose.

Dancing by myself at Big Daddy’s – so what’s new?


Back to the Blog

I sort of lost track with the blog, using it for results etc. Results are now going up on the forums, and I’ll concentrate here on projects and personal activities.

I’ve been feeling a little down lately, lots of work and little in return, people being negative for the sake of it, and not looking for the positive in anything.

So I was elated when Juliet came home last night and we were joined by Tori.

Tori brought her tiger Misha to come stay with us. So now the island is protected on another whole new level.


My new house

When I first came to West Isle from the Blue Lagoon Marina, I didn’t have any houses or any form of shelter in my inventory. I didn’t even have any boat with a cabin. So Hawk very kindly set out one of his houses that I have used until now.

I felt the need to stretch a little and change a few things. So I set out to look for a new house. I had an idea on one, but Laycee and Delight took me off to go look at one in Sailors Cove. Imagine my surprise when it turned out to be exactly thine one I had been looking at from Tiki Tattoo.

Hatzfed sent me a floor-plan and with that I figured where it would go.


So I set about clearing the old house off the plot. I can’t terraform , but I had a good idea of what I wanted, do I set out some measuring poles hoping Hawk would come online.

Snapshot_3576 Snapshot_3578 Snapshot_3579

Isis came along before him and did the job whilst I was out running the Patch II races. So now it was flat.

Snapshot_3585 Snapshot_3587

With the guidance of Justin, Delight and Rhodus, I rezzed the house. Why is it a little stressful doing that?

Snapshot_3589 Snapshot_3590

It came up fine and  after a few slight adjustments, I saved the position.  A few modifications to the dock was required and poor Hawk had to come and redo my security as I deleted the orb thingy in my hast to delete the old house. Here you see the security perimeter being defined. Isnt it a shame we have to do this in our pixelated world, but just yesterday when Laycee and I were laying out the plan, some griefer came on to the island and launched some mega rez thing. She was promptly kicked off and banned from the entire North Sea estate.

Snapshot_3594 Snapshot_3596

Here all is finished. Looking good. Some pretty pics:

Snapshot_3609 Snapshot_3610 Snapshot_3611 Snapshot_3612

And at night with the lights on and the fireflies out:

Snapshot_3613 Snapshot_3614