Downwind dispute

Purple and Blue boats collide.

Purple claims ROW.

Purple says: “I was the leeward boat and had an inside overlap at that buoy”




2 thoughts on “Downwind dispute”

  1. hmmm well in this description information is lacking, but not withstanding that: To gain the right of room at what is indicated as a lee mark, you MUST HAVE gained an overlap prior to entering the 3 boat length rule, as best I can estimate, purple did not have an overlap and is not entitled to room. Purple by the lay of the tracks was coming in at more speed than blue, but did not have overlap and is NOT the leeward boat in the first place. Rule 18.2 governs this incident. Purple was catching up BUT as far as I can determine did NOT before Blue entered the zone. UNLESS there is overwhelming evidence the protest committee must rule that there was NOT an overlap prior to the zone being entered. In this case, I would agree. Purple would be approaching faster…as Blue had gybed, but sorry not entitled to ask or be granted room…. FYI mark room at lee marks in particular are a race to the ZONE.

    1. I agree. I was actually just behind these two boats and as they collided and came to a stop, I went through between them and went on to win the race.

      I did not see purple with any notable lead or overlap over blue as they were both converging on the mark at the same time; blue however being on track to round the mark. I don’t see how purple could have been the leeward boat if he collided with the port side of blue.

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