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OMG Halloween is upon us!


I keep on getting caught up in the spider-webs on my island. Why is it this time of year that they appear all over the place?

I hate spiders!



Under the sea

So, as you see I have temporarily laid out some underwater play things just for fun. In the pic above, you see my new pet, the Kraken. You can ride him, but its a bit of a wild ride. How do you control him – I have no idea.

The Kraken is permanently bothered by the Tesla generator found in the under-sea habitat.

And here you see a beautiful whale that is swimming around too. If you see him, keep a wide berth as they are an endangered species.

And some crab traps that were set by some local fisherman. Perhaps I’ll have crab for dinner.

I was out there again yesterday and one of my team got nibbled by another pet, the giant catfish. OMG it was Laycee.

I don’t think she tasted very good with her diving equipment as the Catfish spat her out soon afterwards.

If anyone wants to come visit and feed the pets, they will be out for a little while at my place.

SL11B and the boating fraternity (or lack of)

I have some positive and negative comments about the SL11B. I’ll start with the positive so you don’t have to read the negative if you wish.

My friend Kitty who runs the Come Sail With Us group had a nicely decorated stand, free T-shirts an info about the sailing schools.

Go check out Kitty’s stand, a good place to start the tour of the SL11B event. Click here for Landmark. SL11B runs for another 2 days, so get there this weekend.


The Leeward Cruise Club had a stand with info and some nice yachts on display.Snapshot_3189

Hollywood Sims had a Tugby pool. Nothing much was going on though when I visited.Snapshot_3190

The SL Coast Guard had a wonderful stand. An action scene of a stranded person in the water and a boat and heli rushing to save him. I met two very nice men in uniform – who can resist a nice guy in uniform 🙂Snapshot_3191

They let me take a selfie with them 🙂

Do I look serious enough to join the Coastguard? I was giggling, I do admit 🙂

Blake Deeps had a stand with various info on the activities in their area.



The SL Surfing Association had a stand. I think a standing wave with get-up-and-have-a go might have been more fun and interactive, but it was nice to see them here anyway.Snapshot_3194


So that brings me to the end of the positive. I hate being negative, but here-goes…

I must admit that the first I heard about SL11B was when I saw a message somewhere (can’t remember where) that the entries were closed for SL11B application. Why wasn’t there more info out before? Us yachties questioned whether there was a sailing presence at SL11B, but that question was raised only after the  entries were closed 😦

Anyway, back to the event. It is big and you basically have no idea on where to go and what to see. Most of the stands are not manned so nobody is there to tell you anything (exception being the SL Coast Guard stand).

This below is the Welcome centre apparently. A whole sim of the most unwelcoming building I’ve ever seen. Where to go, what to do, where next? No clue. Empty except for little me…

The view from the welcome centre – still no clue…

And a general view of the SL11B – still no clue… A mish-mash of construction, no real theme, no route or logical way of navigating, no real desire to visit the random stands. Building big just makes the stands look confusing, even flying around doesn’t help.

There was a sim that seemed busy, it had a party on with a sort of techno beat. I wasn’t in the mood and there were no nice guys there anyway so I went home for a sail instead.Snapshot_3198

Perhaps Next year, if there is still a SL,  there may be a better presence from us boaties. I for one will try and put together something a little more representative of the yachting and boating activities in SL. What a missed opportunity this year!




CNF Cruise 20th June

The Cercle Nautique Francophone (CNF) cruise took place again yesterday departing and arriving from the Royal Dolphin Yacht Club. This is the Club that has been in the news lately with the development of the Moth hydrofoil racing dingy (See The Dolphin Moth is Coming). I’ll give an update on the Moth in the next few days.

Gwendolyn, the enthusiastic and super-stylish organiser of the CNF cruises had chosen a great place for this event. ZZ took her usual set of stunning pics and I’m posting up here, with her permission,  a subset of those photos of my boat and crew as we enjoyed the cruise.

The Royal Dolphin Y.C. What a nice yacht club.
Arriving at the Yacht Club and meeting the folk who will be sailing with us on the cruise.
Our crew arrive at the club. Greeted by the staff and fellow sailors. Today I’m sailing with my friend Rhodus and her family of fury friends, Leo and Kiyaka.
Sylvie (Captain) and Ana (RD & Commodore) from the club greeted folk as they arrived. Ginger was there and I notice that she is wearing one of my tops – Yay for Ginger 🙂
Waiting for the cruise to start. Trying to load gestures, maps and huds !! I asked for a map and they all gave me one !! am I that disorganised 🙂
Negotiating a narrow channel though some rather large rocks just after the start – beware !! – and by the way, where are we going ?!?!
Doesn’t the boat look splendid. Sailing with one reef at the start.
We seemed to fly off when we hit open water. A gust caught us and we raced ahead. Thank goodness the wind calmed and we continued at a more sedate pace.
Everyone on board seems happy and in one piece.
Going the wrong way? Well we hit a dead sim and my navigators guided me out of the fix faster than some of the other boats could manage
Just starting to head back and through the maze of waterways.
Whoah !! tight channels. Perfect for the Patch II. I shudder to think of what would have happened if someone had brought along a Pasha !!
Follow the leader. Well we had to as the channels were tight.
Aherm…!! This is what happens when boats try and all squeeze though at the same time. it is called a ‘bouchon’ in French !!
Tight channels and ban lines – watch out !! Have we lost Leo !!
Poor Leo had some sort of SL incident and ended up sitting over the transom of the Patch II. When this happens, you know things are not perfect, but she managed to get back to port with us.
Rhodus did a wonderful job of balancing the boat whilst relaxing on the foredeck of the Patch II. She has recently bought one of these wonderful boats and has started racing it with us.
I think the reason we have these stunning photos is that we were sailing quite close to ZZ for most of the way. Or was it because ZZ liked my Naked Lady Patch II?
Coming back to The Royal Dolphin Yacht Club – it was a bit laggy and I could’t see much!!
Private parking. A spot perfect for the Patch II. Didn’t even fall in when we arrived – well Leo did because she was hanging off the back. Sorry Leo, I should have reversed in.
Back at the Club.
The cruise rounded off with us partying into the night at the club’s bar. Some French techno and everyone was dancing, talking about the cruise and chatting each other up as one does.

Thanks to my crew, thanks to Gwen for organising the event, thanks to all the other sailors who made it such fun and thanks to the staff at the Royal Dolphin Y.C. for having us.