Blue Lagoon Marina Open Class Regatta – 6th August 2014

18 boats raced yesterday in a very spectacular series of races. This is certainly a very cool format, lots of fun and quite exciting.

Wind was SW 18 kts.

Race 1 was the North Sea Olympic course


Anu surprised the fleet by screaming around the course in the Flying Tako. Well it certainly flies. It has a stiff handicap so even though she was first over the line in both races, Destiny in her lower handicapped Laser One, won overall in both races.

We see here the handicap system coming into play and allowing different boats to race together. Not perfect, but it is a good means to calculate fair results. The handicap is adjusted every so often, so if a particular boat benefits now, the chances are, its handicap will be adjusted later.

Race 2 was 3-laps of the North Sea Short Loop course


Well done to Destiny, Anu, Kurt & Lucy for your podium positions. Well done to everyone else who sailed.

Good to see some newcomers. If you would like to join in, come along and join the fun. If you need help setting up and learning how it all works, don’t ask 10 minutes before the race – I don’t have time then to explain it all. Ask well in advance (i.e. earlier in the the day) and I’ll show you how its done.


Thanks to Laycee for helping me manage the fleet. Thanks to Gwen for a great party spread. It is quite fun to unwind after racing, I recommend it to everyone.

See photos of the racing on Speedy’s Flickr site here:



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