Topless Tuesdays – TrYC – 5th August 2014

We raced the M-24 yesterday. A good fleet of boats turned up and we got off to a good start – that is until we crossed the start line 🙂 The line was borked and didn’t register the boat IDs and therefore neither the results. But, all was not lost as it wasn’t too tricky to see who finished and in what order.

Wind was Northerly 18 Kts.

Race 1: H1
Winner finished: 00:03:57, winner – Kurt, followed by Beane, Slanty, Lucy & Justin (with Delight as crew). Orca DNF.

Race 2: H2 3 laps !!!
Winner finished: 00:11:47, winner – Orca, closely followed by Lucy, Slanty, Beane, Kurt, Justin (with Delight as crew) & Rosie

Race 3: O7
Winner finished: 00:08:51, winner – Kurt, followed by Rosie, Justin (with Delight as crew), Beane & Slanty. Lucy DNF and Orca DNS.

Photo from Lucy. More photos from her, here.

Photo from Speedy. More photos from him, here.


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