Blue Lagoon Marina Open Regatta – 27th August 2014

Yesterday we had another fantastic Blue Lagoon Marina Open Regatta where we raced the North Sea Olympic and the fun North Sea Short Loop course.

We had 20 boats in the first race, 17 in the second. An Excellent turnout and quite a few of the usual suspects weren’t even here (Orca, Roy, Destiny, Kurt, Deni, Laycee, Corsakov, Leon etc.).

Results of Race 1 North Sea Olympic

Results of Race 2 North Sea Short Loop

Well this was interesting. The Takos are certainly flying. Perhaps I’ll add a table for them to just check the handicap 🙂 Well done to Anu and Armano for the great times and for coming first and second respectively in the first race.

Maiti upset the Takos in the second race with her excellent times.  Well done to her. This is handicap racing at its best.

Well done to Saphy and ZZ for racing their very first race in their new yacht!! Saphy did really well as she had been practising a lot recently. ZZ would have done better if she had concentrated more on the race and less on taking the photos 😉 ZZ, we are very grateful for you photos though. See the link to them below.

We had a few other newcomers. Welcome to TigerLilly, Colette, Philip and Wolfie.

I just wish these times and scores could be shown immediately after the race. We have a plan to do this. I’m just looking for a kick-ass web database programmer to implement the plan. I will have a live handicap racing scoreboard up and running sometime folks. Any interested parties, please contact me.

Some interesting info comes out of the scores. We had increased the SC Marlin handicap earlier in the day from 0.74 to 0.90. Thanks to Rosie and Anu for helping with that. Still Saphy did really well for a new racer. I think 0.90 is a good handicap for now. We will monitor it overt the next few months.

We will do the same for the Loonetta handicap. I need some experienced sailors with the Loonetta 31 to race the NS Olympic course and send me their times please.

Thanks to Mariane for helping me manage the boats. Thanks to Gwen for laying out the party gear. Thanks to ZZ for the photos.

Some photos from ZZ, here:

A photo of the boats before the racing. We were discussing textures and of course Rei and Rain had to pull out all their boats. What a wonderful sight in the North Sea sunset. See you next week folks!



Topless Tuesday – TrYC – 26th August 2014

We raced Topless Tuesday in the North Sea whilst Triumphal is being restructured.

The bateau du jour was the M-24. Wind was SW 18Kts.

Race 1: North Sea Olympic
Race Results:
1: SteveLL Resident IDJB08 — 00:12:07
2: James Munson IDJM58 — 00:12:17
3: Melody Paslong IDMP12 — 00:12:21
4: LucyInTheSky Afarensis IDLUCY — 00:12:47
5: beane Bade ID11 — 00:12:47
6: Matrixea Resident IDTRIX — 00:12:48
7: Kurt Calamity IDKC01 — 00:12:52
8: Arwyn Silverweb IDROSIE — 00:13:12
9: lillyfeelillylove Resident IDLILY — 00:18:46
10: MaitiYenni Resident IDMY27 — not Finished

Lap Times:
SteveLL Resident IDJB08 — Start: 00:00:05 — Last lap: 00:12:02
James Munson IDJM58 — Start: 00:00:14 — Last lap: 00:12:03
Melody Paslong IDMP12 — Start: 00:00:13 — Last lap: 00:12:08
LucyInTheSky Afarensis IDLUCY — Start: 00:00:14 — Last lap: 00:12:33
beane Bade ID11 — Start: 00:00:09 — Last lap: 00:12:38
Matrixea Resident IDTRIX — Start: 00:00:06 — Last lap: 00:12:42
Kurt Calamity IDKC01 — Start: 00:00:08 — Last lap: 00:12:44
Arwyn Silverweb IDROSIE — Start: 00:00:03 — Last lap: 00:13:09
lillyfeelillylove Resident IDLILY — Start: 00:00:18 — Last lap: 00:18:28
MaitiYenni Resident IDMY27 — Start: 00:00:19 — Last lap: not finished

Race 2: North Sea Trapeziod
Race Results:
1: beane Bade ID11 — 00:10:18
2: Melody Paslong IDMP12 — 00:10:53
3: James Munson IDJM58 — 00:10:58
4: Kurt Calamity IDKC01 — 00:11:20
5: LucyInTheSky Afarensis IDLUCY — 00:11:21
6: Arwyn Silverweb IDROSIE — 00:11:23
7: SteveLL Resident IDJB08 — 00:11:23
8: MaitiYenni Resident IDMY27 — 00:12:15
9: lillyfeelillylove Resident IDLILY — DNF

Lap Times:
beane Bade ID11 — Start: 00:00:12 — Last lap: 00:10:06
Melody Paslong IDMP12 — Start: 00:00:14 — Last lap: 00:10:39
James Munson IDJM58 — Start: 00:00:05 — Last lap: 00:10:53
Kurt Calamity IDKC01 — Start: 00:00:10 — Last lap: 00:11:10
LucyInTheSky Afarensis IDLUCY — Start: 00:00:13 — Last lap: 00:11:08
Arwyn Silverweb IDROSIE — Start: 00:00:22 — Last lap: 00:11:01
SteveLL Resident IDJB08 — Start: 00:00:06 — Last lap: 00:11:17
MaitiYenni Resident IDMY27 — Start: 00:00:10 — Last lap: 00:12:05
lillyfeelillylove Resident IDLILY — DNF

Race 3: Breadnut to Eden Auk
Race Results:
1: James Munson IDJM58 — 00:06:24
2: beane Bade ID11 — 00:06:29
3: Melody Paslong IDMP12 — 00:06:30
4: Kurt Calamity IDKC01 — 00:06:39
5: Arwyn Silverweb IDROSIE — 00:06:44
6: SteveLL Resident IDJB08 — 00:06:49
7: LucyInTheSky Afarensis IDLUCY — 00:06:51
8: MaitiYenni Resident IDMY27 — 00:06:58
9: lillyfeelillylove Resident IDLILY — 00:07:25

Lap Times:
James Munson IDJM58 — Start: 00:00:02 — Last lap: 00:06:22
beane Bade ID11 — Start: 00:00:03 — Last lap: 00:06:26
Melody Paslong IDMP12 — Start: 00:00:01 — Last lap: 00:06:29
Kurt Calamity IDKC01 — Start: 00:00:01 — Last lap: 00:06:38
Arwyn Silverweb IDROSIE — Start: 00:00:06 — Last lap: 00:06:38
SteveLL Resident IDJB08 — Start: 00:00:08 — Last lap: 00:06:41
LucyInTheSky Afarensis IDLUCY — Start: 00:00:13 — Last lap: 00:06:38
MaitiYenni Resident IDMY27 — Start: 00:00:04 — Last lap: 00:06:54
lillyfeelillylove Resident IDLILY — Start: 00:00:16 — Last lap: 00:07:09

Well done to Justin, Beane and James, our winners. Well done to all for some wonderful sailing.

Well done to TigerLilly for buying the M-24 half an hour before the race, unpacking at Breanut, rezzing and setting it up and then racing for the first time. We hope that you come back and race more.











Thursday Patch II racing – TrYC – North Sea – 14th August 2014

We had good fun yesterday racing the Patch II in the North Sea.

I came up with a new course, the North Sea Trapezoid course which is based on a common RL sailing course design.

Very similar to the North Sea Olympic, it has two upwind legs, two reaches and two shorter down wind legs. What is interesting here is the location of the course in relation to the islands which force you to think carefully about the choice of direction you take.



Anyway, we all seemed to enjoy it. I raced and won the race. This was, in my opinion lucky for a number of reasons. Firstly Destiny was on the dock, second, Orca was busy taking photos and missed one important turn, and thirdly Justin was busy talking Italian with his crew. I just slipped past them all.

Wind was SW 18kts.

Race 1 North Sea Trapezoid

Race Results:
1: PetraPaname Resident IDNL02 — 00:20:49
2: SteveLL Resident IDJB08 — 00:20:54
3: joro Aya IDSLUT — 00:21:33
4: Orca Flotta IDTRYC — 00:21:44
5: LucyInTheSky Afarensis IDLUCY — 00:21:47
6: Arwyn Silverweb ID54 — 00:22:24

Lap Times:
PetraPaname Resident IDNL02 — Start: 00:00:13 — Last lap: 00:20:36
SteveLL Resident IDJB08 — Start: 00:00:32 — Last lap: 00:20:22
joro Aya IDSLUT — Start: 00:00:04 — Last lap: 00:21:29
Orca Flotta IDTRYC — Start: 00:00:03 — Last lap: 00:21:41
LucyInTheSky Afarensis IDLUCY — Start: 00:00:07 — Last lap: 00:21:40
Arwyn Silverweb ID54 — Start: 00:00:18 — Last lap: 00:22:06

The second race claimed Orca as a victim, she lost her camera on a crossing, but I also lost mine just as I started my 3rd lap. I was staring at the keel and navigating using the minimap and my info hud and listening to the luffing sail.

Race 2 North Sea Short Loop (3 laps)

Race Results:
1: SteveLL Resident IDJB08 — 00:25:55
2: joro Aya IDSLUT — 00:26:00
3: LucyInTheSky Afarensis IDLUCY — 00:26:05
4: PetraPaname Resident IDNL02 — 00:27:05
5: ollyian1 Resident IDOLY — 00:29:19
6: Arwyn Silverweb ID54 — 00:29:34
7: Orca Flotta IDTRYC — not Finished

Lap Times:
SteveLL Resident IDJB08 — Start: 00:00:18 — Lap 1: 00:08:40 — Lap 2: 00:08:47 — Last lap: 00:08:10
joro Aya IDSLUT — Start: 00:00:06 — Lap 1: 00:08:26 — Lap 2: 00:08:51 — Last lap: 00:08:37
LucyInTheSky Afarensis IDLUCY — Start: 00:00:23 — Lap 1: 00:08:34 — Lap 2: 00:08:41 — Last lap: 00:08:27
PetraPaname Resident IDNL02 — Start: 00:00:11 — Lap 1: 00:09:27 — Lap 2: 00:08:38 — Last lap: 00:08:49
ollyian1 Resident IDOLY — Start: 00:00:12 — Lap 1: 00:09:38 — Lap 2: 00:09:52 — Last lap: 00:09:37
Arwyn Silverweb ID54 — Start: 00:00:22 — Lap 1: 00:09:45 — Lap 2: 00:08:55 — Last lap: 00:10:32
Orca Flotta IDTRYC — Start: 00:00:19 — Lap 1: not finished — Lap 2: not finished — Last lap: not finished

Sunrise before the race. I love this time of day.
Sunrise before the race. I love this time of day.
Skippers meeting
Skippers meeting
Justin and Tsugumi Elisheva Fujiwara
Justin and Tsugumi Elisheva Fujiwara. Photo: Orca
Orca and I heading upwind. Photo: Orca
Orca and I heading upwind. Photo: Orca
A beautiful windlight shot. Photo: Orca
A beautiful windlight shot. Photo: Orca

Blue Lagoon Marina Open Regatta – 13th August 2014

We had a fun and interesting Open Regatta yesterday. The weather was warm, the sky was clear and waters calm. A fresh SW 18kt wind had all the boats flying along.

There were 3 new boats sailing that we haven’t seen before, the Dolphin Moth, the Quest T-28 and the JG44. The Moth is a speed demon and goes so fast you can hardly see it if you are standing still on the ground. No wonder it was to hard to film. The Moth crossed the line first in both races, but was it first overall…?

Well here we are racing handicap races where the boats are handicapped according to a formula that tires to level the playing field for all. I explain it like this to some folk:

If 3 perfect sailors, on a perfect day race 3 different boats, they make no errors and they all sail a perfect course – they will cross the line at different times because the boats are different – but when the handicap is applied, they will all get exactly the same corrected lap time.

We are not all perfect however and what handicap racing does, is test the sailor on the day. Not how good or bad the boat is.

We have now a handicap for the Dolphin Moth as you see below. This was calculated from 11 courses (North Sea Olympic) sailed by 3 sailors. It has the highest handicap of 1.77. This will, like all other handicaps, be re-evaluated over time.

So for Race 1 we raced the North Sea Olympic Course.


So for Race 2 we raced the North Sea Circle Course.


Well done to Anu for winning both races, first in the Tako and then in the WW OP-60. Well done to Mel and Justing for coming 2nd and 3rd respectively in the 1st race. Well done to James and Qyv for coming 2nd and 3rd respectively in the 2nd race.

Thanks to Maiti for helping me manage the boats for the races.

Thanks to Gwen for laying on such a wonderful spread for the party.

Here below, we are hanging around the bar before the race. One of the reasons Justin didn’t do so well was that he had one too many whilst chatting up the babes. I’m sure he could have won the race if he was  more sober. Anu and Goku got distracted play Tetris whilst we sat drinking pixelated Piña coladas.



The start of the North Sea Olympic:Snapshot_3735


Mel finishing before half the fleet have done half the course:Snapshot_3738



The after party. Its getting popular, this is the place to be on Wednesday nights:Snapshot_3754



The coast guard entertained us too:Snapshot_3758

Blue Lagoon Marina Open Class Regatta – 6th August 2014

18 boats raced yesterday in a very spectacular series of races. This is certainly a very cool format, lots of fun and quite exciting.

Wind was SW 18 kts.

Race 1 was the North Sea Olympic course


Anu surprised the fleet by screaming around the course in the Flying Tako. Well it certainly flies. It has a stiff handicap so even though she was first over the line in both races, Destiny in her lower handicapped Laser One, won overall in both races.

We see here the handicap system coming into play and allowing different boats to race together. Not perfect, but it is a good means to calculate fair results. The handicap is adjusted every so often, so if a particular boat benefits now, the chances are, its handicap will be adjusted later.

Race 2 was 3-laps of the North Sea Short Loop course


Well done to Destiny, Anu, Kurt & Lucy for your podium positions. Well done to everyone else who sailed.

Good to see some newcomers. If you would like to join in, come along and join the fun. If you need help setting up and learning how it all works, don’t ask 10 minutes before the race – I don’t have time then to explain it all. Ask well in advance (i.e. earlier in the the day) and I’ll show you how its done.


Thanks to Laycee for helping me manage the fleet. Thanks to Gwen for a great party spread. It is quite fun to unwind after racing, I recommend it to everyone.

See photos of the racing on Speedy’s Flickr site here:


Topless Tuesdays – TrYC – 5th August 2014

We raced the M-24 yesterday. A good fleet of boats turned up and we got off to a good start – that is until we crossed the start line 🙂 The line was borked and didn’t register the boat IDs and therefore neither the results. But, all was not lost as it wasn’t too tricky to see who finished and in what order.

Wind was Northerly 18 Kts.

Race 1: H1
Winner finished: 00:03:57, winner – Kurt, followed by Beane, Slanty, Lucy & Justin (with Delight as crew). Orca DNF.

Race 2: H2 3 laps !!!
Winner finished: 00:11:47, winner – Orca, closely followed by Lucy, Slanty, Beane, Kurt, Justin (with Delight as crew) & Rosie

Race 3: O7
Winner finished: 00:08:51, winner – Kurt, followed by Rosie, Justin (with Delight as crew), Beane & Slanty. Lucy DNF and Orca DNS.

Photo from Lucy. More photos from her, here.

Photo from Speedy. More photos from him, here.

Thursday Patch II Racing with TrYC – North Sea

Good racing yesterday. We had Popow join us for the first time, so welcome to him. Armano was on top form with Destiny at his heels all the way. The third race was nearly 20 minutes and they had 6 seconds between them at the end. Close racing.

Well done to everyone. See you next week.

Thanks to Fabber for another great video!

Wind was from the West South West 225° 18 kts

Race 1: North Sea Short Olympic Course
Race Results:
1: Armano Xaris IDAX4 — 00:09:52
2: SteveLL Resident IDJB08 — 00:10:15
3: Destiny Wescott ID2772 — 00:10:35
4: LucyInTheSky Afarensis IDLUCY — 00:10:44
5: Popow Horbaczewski ID351 — 00:10:50
6: Laycee Deed IDLD22 — 00:11:21
7: Arwyn Silverweb ID54 — 00:11:46
8: Deni Karfield IDDENI — 00:11:57
9: CorSakov Sosa IDPHOP — 00:12:12

Lap Times:
Armano Xaris IDAX4 — Start: 00:00:02 — Last lap: 00:09:50
SteveLL Resident IDJB08 — Start: 00:00:15 — Last lap: 00:10:00
Destiny Wescott ID2772 — Start: 00:00:07 — Last lap: 00:10:28
LucyInTheSky Afarensis IDLUCY — Start: 00:00:06 — Last lap: 00:10:38
Popow Horbaczewski ID351 — Start: 00:00:18 — Last lap: 00:10:32
Laycee Deed IDLD22 — Start: 00:00:00 — Last lap: 00:11:21
Arwyn Silverweb ID54 — Start: 00:00:42 — Last lap: 00:11:04
Deni Karfield IDDENI — Start: 00:00:15 — Last lap: 00:11:42
CorSakov Sosa IDPHOP — Start: 00:00:10 — Last lap: 00:12:02

Race 2: North Sea Breadnut NS-1b
Race Results:
1: Armano Xaris IDAX4 — 00:18:45 – DSQ – missed buoy
2: Destiny Wescott ID2772 — 00:18:52
3: LucyInTheSky Afarensis IDLUCY — 00:19:33
4: Arwyn Silverweb ID54 — 00:20:04
5: Laycee Deed IDLD22 — 00:20:13
6: SteveLL Resident IDJB08 — 00:20:23
7: Popow Horbaczewski ID351 — 00:20:47
8: Deni Karfield IDDENI — 00:20:58
9: CorSakov Sosa IDPHOP — 00:22:27

Lap Times:
Armano Xaris IDAX4 — Start: 00:00:08 — Last lap: 00:18:37 – DSQ – missed buoy
Destiny Wescott ID2772 — Start: 00:00:13 — Last lap: 00:18:39
LucyInTheSky Afarensis IDLUCY — Start: 00:00:18 — Last lap: 00:19:15
Arwyn Silverweb ID54 — Start: 00:00:14 — Last lap: 00:19:50
Laycee Deed IDLD22 — Start: 00:00:25 — Last lap: 00:19:48
SteveLL Resident IDJB08 — Start: 00:00:53 — Last lap: 00:19:30
Popow Horbaczewski ID351 — Start: 00:00:23 — Last lap: 00:20:24
Deni Karfield IDDENI — Start: 00:00:10 — Last lap: 00:20:48
CorSakov Sosa IDPHOP — Start: 00:00:19 — Last lap: 00:22:08

Race 3: North Sea Breadnut NS-1c
Race Results:
1: Armano Xaris IDAX4 — 00:18:05
2: Destiny Wescott ID2772 — 00:18:11
3: LucyInTheSky Afarensis IDLUCY — 00:19:15
4: Laycee Deed IDLD22 — 00:19:24
5: SteveLL Resident IDJB08 — 00:19:42
6: Deni Karfield IDDENI — 00:21:53
7: Arwyn Silverweb ID54 — 00:22:09

Lap Times:
Armano Xaris IDAX4 — Start: 00:00:03 — Last lap: 00:18:02
Destiny Wescott ID2772 — Start: 00:00:26 — Last lap: 00:17:45
LucyInTheSky Afarensis IDLUCY — Start: 00:00:20 — Last lap: 00:18:55
Laycee Deed IDLD22 — Start: 00:00:01 — Last lap: 00:19:23
SteveLL Resident IDJB08 — Start: 00:00:34 — Last lap: 00:19:08
Deni Karfield IDDENI — Start: 00:00:18 — Last lap: 00:21:35
Arwyn Silverweb ID54 — Start: 00:00:18 — Last lap: 00:21:51