Blue Lagoon Marina Open Class Regatta – 30th July 2014

A great regatta again with some fun racing with 14 boats taking part overall.

A mega thank-you to Laycee for taking over as RD at the last minute when some unexpected RL guests arrived for dinner at my place. I only joined the party here as the last race was finishing. Everything went smoothly and fun was had by all. Thanks also to Gwen for laying on the party afterwards 🙂 Thanks to Fabber for the video 🙂

1st race, North Sea Olympic course.


Well done to Justin for doing so well. Something must be motivating you right now to really perform 😉 Well done to James for his 2nd place. Well done to Lucy for 3rd. Well done to Mel for 4th. Mel is probably our best new sailor as she only started a short while ago. How does she do so well? Practice, Practice, Practice – that’s how. Good sailing buy the rest of the fleet.

2nd race, North Sea Short Loop course.


This is a really fun course, 3 laps means the boats are screaming around the spectator platform, a great sight. This is really the place to be on Wednesday afternoons in SL.

Well done to Maiti, who sailed really well and took advantage of the handicap to come out on top. Well done to Lucy and Rosie for landing podium positions and well done to all the rest of the sailors.

Photo above: Orca Flotta


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