My new house

When I first came to West Isle from the Blue Lagoon Marina, I didn’t have any houses or any form of shelter in my inventory. I didn’t even have any boat with a cabin. So Hawk very kindly set out one of his houses that I have used until now.

I felt the need to stretch a little and change a few things. So I set out to look for a new house. I had an idea on one, but Laycee and Delight took me off to go look at one in Sailors Cove. Imagine my surprise when it turned out to be exactly thine one I had been looking at from Tiki Tattoo.

Hatzfed sent me a floor-plan and with that I figured where it would go.


So I set about clearing the old house off the plot. I can’t terraform , but I had a good idea of what I wanted, do I set out some measuring poles hoping Hawk would come online.

Snapshot_3576 Snapshot_3578 Snapshot_3579

Isis came along before him and did the job whilst I was out running the Patch II races. So now it was flat.

Snapshot_3585 Snapshot_3587

With the guidance of Justin, Delight and Rhodus, I rezzed the house. Why is it a little stressful doing that?

Snapshot_3589 Snapshot_3590

It came up fine and  after a few slight adjustments, I saved the position.  A few modifications to the dock was required and poor Hawk had to come and redo my security as I deleted the orb thingy in my hast to delete the old house. Here you see the security perimeter being defined. Isnt it a shame we have to do this in our pixelated world, but just yesterday when Laycee and I were laying out the plan, some griefer came on to the island and launched some mega rez thing. She was promptly kicked off and banned from the entire North Sea estate.

Snapshot_3594 Snapshot_3596

Here all is finished. Looking good. Some pretty pics:

Snapshot_3609 Snapshot_3610 Snapshot_3611 Snapshot_3612

And at night with the lights on and the fireflies out:

Snapshot_3613 Snapshot_3614





6 thoughts on “My new house”

  1. Unfortunately we didn’t spot it on the sailors cove sims at blake sea.
    We sailed from Honah Lee ne, our home till sailors cove east and then we tried to sail around, not easy as it takes forever to rezz a few things (trees for example are a pain) so after a while zooming and sailing we had to leave without figuring your place (unless the sailors cove you refer is not the one on the blake sea).

    1. Ah, no, my place is in the North Sea, below Eden. The one in Sailor’s Cove was a friend of Delight and this friend has the same house. I forget which sim.

      The topless cruise tonight goes past my island in the North Sea, I’ll leave the lights on 😉

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