Blue Lagoon Marina Open Class Regatta – 23rd July 2014

We had a wonderful Open Class Regatta yesterday with 16 boats taking part overall.

What a stunning sight to see them all sailing together.

We have been using the Handicap system for some time now (based on the Hotlaps courses around SL) and for this race, I have applied the new North Sea Handicaps based on previous race results in these waters.

So for the first race, we sailed the North Sea Olympic course. We had 15 boats race and 15 boats finished. A good result from all.


Well done to Destiny, our winner; Kurt the runner-up; and Justin for coming 3rd. Well done to all sailors for sailing a good race with no major incidents.

Our second race was interesting. It was  3-laps of the North Sea Short Loop course (link to chart). This was so cool as the racers were going around the spectator platform each lap. It made for some exciting viewing.

To calculate the handicap-corrected times, I have added the 3 lap times (in black below) and multiplied the total to the handicap value for each boat. The handicap time (Corrected total lap time) in red has nothing to do with the start time or the overall time (in grey).


Well done again to Destiny, our winner; Anu the runner-up; and again Justin for coming 3rd. Well done to all the rest.

We had a few crashes, one withdrawal, and Maiti did not start.

Thanks very much to my best friend Laycee who helped with organisation and judging at various buoys.

As RD, I had to return 4 boats during the racing yesterday. I really don’t like doing this, but sometimes it has to be done. 2 were random people who were out sailing in the waters. One guy sailed directly into the start – he didn’t have time to get out the way – and I apologised a few times for taking such drastic action. He was fine with it though. The second was a lady who I warned a few times, but she still sailed into oncoming racing boats, trying to squeeze past. She may have seen them, but some of the racers are concentrating on the race and don’t expect another boat to come head-on towards them. The third and forth deletion was one of our sailors, who for some reason decided in both races to turn 180° when finishing into other boats coming behind. I’ll have a chat with this sailor to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

A video of the event. Thanks to Fabber (fabber resident) for shooting and editing this. I know how much work goes into making a film like this and I really appreciate it.

Some photos of our spectator platform and of the racing. Gwen did a spectacular job again in setting up the bar and the lighting. Thanks to her for that.

Snapshot_3552 Snapshot_3554 Snapshot_3555 Snapshot_3559 Snapshot_3561 Snapshot_3562








8 thoughts on “Blue Lagoon Marina Open Class Regatta – 23rd July 2014”

  1. Thank you Petra for another fun and exciting event. At times we racers will chat back and forth about a past race but the only races I’ve seen chatter about leading up to the race are yours and the now defunct Sailor of the Year race at SRYC. Skippers will talk back and forth asking each other what boat are you going to race or setting up practice sessions. What an amazing job you are doing.

    The video is fantastic. If more people in SL would see it we would probably pick up more sailors. If more people who already sail would see it we would probably pick up more racers.

    I imagine all or most of us who race have had a very close, maybe “photo finish” at one time or another. I seem to be having them more regularly recently and with the same skipper. Lucy and I have had several of these, as we did in the second race this time, with different boats and on different courses at different clubs. They are tremendously exciting and fun no matter which of us wins, and satisfying to me in that Lucy is such a good sailor and that I can be that close to her sometimes.

  2. Thanks for the comment and kind words Justin.

    ZZ, in theory, any pure Bwind 1.37 boat could race as Becca’s SCOW is handicapped. The shape of the boat doesn’t change the performance. The issue is this: Has Charlz or anyone else with a Bwind 1.37 boat modified the code in any way? I had my little Popi running Bwind 1.37 for some time and I see how easily it is to add a few tweaks to get the speed up on a standard wind. The boats competing (under one name) have to be all the same, with locked code and then independently tested to validate their own handicaps.

  3. Well, the original class 40 and 50 are already tweeked from the original v1.37 kit.
    I added an extra push at 25 knots speed.
    The cybersculpts boats being sold, also have some tweeks at 25knots, but the boats are sold with the scripts no mod (as per becka’s request on the original licence agreement).
    So it would be easy i do believe to see the handicap on those, as both the free charlz class 40 and 50, modded by me and saphy and all the cybersclupts boats have the scripts set to no mod..
    As we never raced and i always thought that the b wind 1.37 engine was not allowed on racing, i did paly with it and yes i know how easy is to make it fly:)

  4. There are some boats that race that don’t use WWC. What’s to stop some Mesh shop boats using their own iPads? So essentially we can include some basic Bwind boats, I’m happy to do so – as long as it’s fair and honest and we all are still having fun. And if you want to determine a handicap for a specific no-mod boat that doesn’t have a handicap already, bring along a fleet of them and a group of keen sailors and we can send them around the course a few times, in the same way that we did for the Pasha.

  5. By locked i do think you mean set the script permissions to no mod, right? Still i cant see how we can lock or avoid any of changing the speed or the wind direction on the b wind 1.37 (i mean the standard 8 11 15 18 21 25 knots) so it will end up always being a matter of trusting that one will use the recommended wind and will not change it in any way, therefore the reason for us to only cruise and not race.
    As an example, on the cruises we make, Saphy always uses the wind direction and speed that it is advised on the notecard and im always changing them to get closer to other boats in order to get some snapshots.

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