Popi Update – Water displacement

A problem with thin-skinned boats like the Popi is that SL water comes in up to the sea level. On bigger boats with a thick hull, you don’t notice this.

You see the problem here:


My boat doesn’t take on that much water πŸ™‚

The solution is to add a water-displacement layer that turns SL seawater transparent. This is an invisible prim with a special magic texture added to it. Mine looks like a trampoline skin bent inwards (if you could see it). Unfortunately it turns a lot of things transparent too, like avatar feet.

So with my standard skipper pose, this was the result:


The solution was to make another pose with the feet up a little – here I have them resting on the bulkhead. Now I understand why some boats like the Patch II have skipper and crew poses with the legs and feet up.


Happy with the result. Thanks to Qyv for pointing me in the right direction on this subject.


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