Under the sea

So, as you see I have temporarily laid out some underwater play things just for fun. In the pic above, you see my new pet, the Kraken. You can ride him, but its a bit of a wild ride. How do you control him – I have no idea.

The Kraken is permanently bothered by the Tesla generator found in the under-sea habitat.

And here you see a beautiful whale that is swimming around too. If you see him, keep a wide berth as they are an endangered species.

And some crab traps that were set by some local fisherman. Perhaps I’ll have crab for dinner.

I was out there again yesterday and one of my team got nibbled by another pet, the giant catfish. OMG it was Laycee.

I don’t think she tasted very good with her diving equipment as the Catfish spat her out soon afterwards.

If anyone wants to come visit and feed the pets, they will be out for a little while at my place.


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