Popi update – Flotation, texture, CB & crew

So, a few updates. I added flotation bags as these are needed if you capsize. I actually was hit by a Pasha yacht this week and survived to tell this tale. The bags kept me afloat and I paddled to shore.

Next advance, I added a texture to the hull. This means that anyone can add any other texture too and it will map correctly. Wood is probably best. Here I have a varnished plywood finish. The grain should line-up. The panels are shaded slightly differently to show off the edges.

Next big thing is a working centreboard. This is a must in races where you pull it up to scream off downwind. I’ve got the mechanics right and even added the performance tweaks that allow you to gain or loose speed depending on heading . There is an increase of leeway too when the centreboard is up unless of course you are running directly downwind.
Snapshot_3319 Snapshot_3321

And lastly for this update, I’ve added a crew position. It has a port pose and a starboard pose depending on the tack. Her you see me taking it easy whilst Manul sails in last Monday’s Topless Cruise. As you see he was a little distracted by the view and I think we got lost a couple of times. No matter,we eventually made it back to the party.
Snapshot_3329 Snapshot_3332 Snapshot_3333


3 thoughts on “Popi update – Flotation, texture, CB & crew”

  1. Beware of Pacha yachts. The owners often try to substitute brain with a big boat. Result are small beautiful boat owners getting mangled over. Only alternative for us: SUE THEM!!!

    And “screaming downwinds”? OMG on what kind of hot racing yacht have you been???

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