Ships and Swabbing

I had a visit from my friend Manul. We’re busy discussing projects and we had an enjoyable afternoon on the deck of his Lighthouse ship whilst docked at my island.

As it was Topless Tuesday, we were off to Triumphal Y.C. with the gang to go race the M-24. Some sims were down in Dunai so the race was moved to Farragut. I was flustered a bit, never raced the courses or the Westerly wind, so I was all over the place. On top of all that, Justin ran me down. He did apologise, but as a penance for scratching the whole side of my beautiful M-24 yacht, I made him scrub my dock back home, whilst Laycee and I discussed the interpretation of racing rules. It ended up being a fine end to the day indeed.



5 thoughts on “Ships and Swabbing”

  1. Hi Justin, thanks, yes I would have helped, Petra has such a beautiful island, nothing wrong with supporting a bit the maintenance of it 🙂

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