Topless Cruise 16 June 2014

I went on another Topless cruise with my friends. I sailed with Gwen on her Loonetta. Here are some photos of the boating part of the cruise.

Snapshot_2823 Snapshot_2824 Snapshot_2826 Snapshot_2827 Snapshot_2830 Snapshot_2832 Snapshot_2833 Snapshot_2835 Snapshot_2839 Snapshot_2840 Snapshot_2841 Snapshot_2842 Snapshot_2844 Snapshot_2847 Snapshot_2848 Snapshot_2849

ZZ always takes nice photos of us, here are some of her 🙂

Snapshot_2852 Snapshot_2853 Snapshot_2854 Snapshot_2855 Snapshot_2856 Snapshot_2859 Snapshot_2860 Snapshot_2861 Snapshot_2865 Snapshot_2866

I got home just before dawn after partying all night. What a wonderful sight.

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