Passion Fruit House-boat Rentals


Interested in living in the Fruit islands, with access to the North Sea sailing for 1100/week?

The Fruit Islands Estate has a new sim offering House-boat rentals. The sim called Passion Fruit is West of Rangpur and SW of that Forest sim (Appleberry). its so new that its not on my World map yet. Landmark.

Jasemin was on hand to show me the place and answer a few questions.

The house-boats go for 1100/week, with 250 prims.

There are 7 in total and 3 are already rented.

To give an reference, Blue Lagoon Marina in Eden rents house-boats for 800/week, with 250 prims. They are always full and there is a waiting list.

Contact Jasmin (loretta.string), pictured below, if you are interested in renting or if you want more info about the Passion Fruit House-boat Rentals.






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