Racing with the Waypoint Y.C.

I was invited to race the Patch II with the guys & girls of the Waypoint Y.C.

We raced from SE corner of Blake on Arabian and raced to the blue buoy on Mizzen and back a couple of times.

The 1st race was OK. At least I didn’t completely embarrass myself.

Race Results:
1: Maiko Taurog ID642 — 00:23:30
2: Kurt Calamity IDKC01 — 00:23:53
3: SachBee Resident ID999 — 00:25:25
4: notohama Resident IDNT012 — 00:25:37
5: PetraPaname Resident IDNL02 — 00:25:47
6: Anu Daviau IDAD10 — 00:27:11
7: joro Aya IDSLUT — 00:27:16
8: ayahoshi Resident ID117 — not Finished

The 2nd race was worse. I did embarrass myself by double-clicking on my sail whilst in the Crow’s Nest sim and I ended up teleporting up onto the lighthouse. Damn! The boat de-rezzed instantly and when I pulled out another I couldn’t get WWC. So that was that.

Race Results:
1: Maiko Taurog ID642 — 00:23:21
2: Kurt Calamity IDKC01 — 00:24:36
3: ayahoshi Resident ID117 — 00:24:48
4: joro Aya IDSLUT — 00:25:40
5: notohama Resident IDNT012 — 00:26:23
6: Wolfhard Resident IDWOLF — 00:26:25
7: SachBee Resident ID999 — 00:26:28
8: Anu Daviau IDAD10 — 00:28:23
9: PetraPaname Resident IDNL02 — not Finished

So Maiko  was the Friday champion. We went back to the Waypoint Y.C. to take some photos – all very civilised.

Thanks to Taku Raymaker for Race Directing. Well done to Maiko for winning both races. Thanks to all the sailors there for having me over. Thanks to Kurt for inviting me to sail. I’ll be back!

Look how neat and tidy it all is. Everyone listening to the RD’s instructions.


Wow, Reef #2 as we sail upwind in a 23kt wind.
Going past the Crow’s Nest Lighthouse.
Ready for the second race.
And through the channel at Crow’s Nest Lighthouse just before I double clicked the sail to get the camera view back to normal.
After race photo session.



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