Big Boats in Blake

As the Sun set yesterday the boys and their bog boats came out on Blake Sea. Justin invited me over to crew on his ACA33.
Snapshot_2647 Snapshot_2648

As you see below, Justin put me on the jib sheet winch, it beat grinding, but I didn’t have to do much. I may have distracted him somewhat from the pose I was in throughout the race.Snapshot_2650 Snapshot_2651

Some iconic landmarks in Blake.Snapshot_2653 Snapshot_2654

As usual, you have all sorts, including large yachts parking in the middle of the race. Can’t they find somewhere secluded to have a bonk?Snapshot_2655 Snapshot_2656 Snapshot_2657

Close-up of me working the jib sheet. BTW, notice my new hairstyle?Snapshot_2659 Snapshot_2660

This plane was buzzing the fleet during the 3rd race. Flying at mast height may have looked cool, but it seemed to irritate the sailors.Snapshot_2663

This boat of boy scouts ended up in the middle of the fleet too. They nearly ended up in the water as Justin had to swerve to avoid them. Boy scouts shout know better.

After the races, we hung out on the committee boat. Amy was kind enough to give us a fun dance Β and we spent a ridiculous amount of time dancing on the roof of the boat. What fun πŸ™‚ Very nice to meet the folk of Nantucket. Thanks to Gemma for directing the race.Snapshot_2669


7 thoughts on “Big Boats in Blake”

  1. Your new hairstyle is very much Gemma πŸ˜‰

    And what is it with all those people wearing wetsuits on big boats? In most cases you won’t even get wet on big boats, so they have to jump into the pond before they go sailing, or what? As logic dictates and as everybody who ever was on a RL boat pretty much knows, that’s how neoprene works. I micro wet climate layer between skin and neoprene to keep you warm. That’s why ONLY surfers and dinghy sailors (in heavy weather) are wearing them. Tssk tssk.

  2. Dear Big Kahuna, thanks for commenting on the blog. I hope all is well down in Kahuna land. I see its cold and wet where you are, perfect for a walk on the beach in your foul-weather gear. Hey, at least I got Justin to put his hair back on for the race. As for my hair, its new. Gemma’s I think is a wig as she can’t have kept it looking brilliant blond like that for so many years without it all falling out.

  3. Great coverage of the race Petra, and thank you so much for crewing for me. I must admit there may have been times when it would have been nicer to observe your labor at the winch but the high winds and many shifts plus the heavy traffic demanded my attention elsewhere. The assets you bring will always be welcome.

  4. Great pictures Petra , thank you for posting them. Well done for distracting Justin too, and I noticed a couple of other men taking a peek.
    My hair? well I will let you into a secret – I have several copies I store away ready to bring out when my hair falls out. When I run out of all the copies I will wear the box.

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