Radial Cut Sails for the Quest 2m

I have made some Radial Cut Sails for the Quest 2m. These are an option on the real Class 2m yacht and I thought they looked quite cool. I’ve put up a set of blank sails on my Marketplace Shop. The cost is 50L$. Snapshot_039-blog Snapshot_038-blog Snapshot_027-blog That is not all. I’m offering to add sail numbers to these sails. A good idea if you are going to race them. If you are interested, get the blank sails form the marketplace for 50L$ then pay me 250L$ in-world. Or to make things easier, just pay me 300L$ in-world and I’ll send the customised Main sail and the Jib sail with instructions on how to apply them and a set of blank sails. I can help apply them too if you can’t follow my instructions 😉 Snapshot_020-blog Snapshot_017-blogPlease let me know what you think of this. Are the prices right, too cheap or too expensive? Any other suggestions?


3 thoughts on “Radial Cut Sails for the Quest 2m”

  1. Perhaps not faster, but they will help maintain your speed over time. The tri-radial head-sail and bi-radial main-sail allows the load to be balanced and thus they don’t go out of shape as much as conventional cross-cut sails. So over time, the radial sails stretch less thus maintaining your performance.

    They do look good however and when you look good on the water you feel good. And if you feel good, you perform good 🙂

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