Quest 2m v1.2 Mesh – Release Thursday 1pm

The long awaited Quest 2m v1.2 Mesh is finally here and it promises to be an absolute stunner.

The release is on Thursday 22 May at 1pm SLT at Eden Tern. Landmark sURL.

Qyv and Hawk will be on hand to introduce the new yacht and explain the new features which promise to  push the boundaries of SL sailing further than ever before.

Including a working main sheet, working outhaul adjustment and  lee sailing, this new Mesh version of the popular 2m will surely be a hit.

Come to the release on Thursday. We’ll race it directly afterwards on the North Sea Short Olympic course a few times to put the yacht though it’s paces.

Pick up a free Ladies T-Shirt or Cami top or a Mens Polo top at the event or on my Marketplace shop.

Quest 2m v1.2 yachts. Hawk’s beta test yacht in red and my final release edition in blue.

3 thoughts on “Quest 2m v1.2 Mesh – Release Thursday 1pm”

  1. FYI: Yet I can’t “flip” your article into the mag (“This site doesn’t doesn’t allow its content to be inserted into a Flipboard mag….”). Works on all other wordpress sites I have tried. No idea why.

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