New Quest 2m items in my shop

In time for the forthcoming launch of the updated Mesh Quest 2m, I’ve added some more items to my shop. These include my first Mens item, a nice Polo Shirt, modelled here by my friend Speedy who is famous – at least in Demark – for his blog on the history of Machinima:

Here I am posing on the new Quest 2m v1.2




Really difficult to find decent mens T-shirts or polos, if anyone can point me in the direction of a good wholesale supplier, I’d be grateful.

And also in my shop, a couple of new T-shirts that I made last week:




4 thoughts on “New Quest 2m items in my shop”

    1. Thanks for the link, I’ll check it out. For the blog, I tweaked some settings. There was a trackback that I had to approve. If a commenter is approved once, they may comment again, but these trackbacks seem (to the blog) to be different each time (perhaps).

  1. TY, for the kind words. Wouldn’t call me famous, even in Danish part of SL.
    More like many danish SL users know my blog.
    About machinima, My blog is about LS in general, but I did give a presentation about machinima, way back 😉

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