My New Marketplace Shop

Hey, I have a new Marketplace shop 🙂

I really thought that it would be tricky to set up, but its actually quite easy. Here it is:

I’ve been making a few items over the past few months, some sails for the Patch II, some T-shirts and Cami tops. I thought that the shop would be a way to make them available to all. I don’t expect to make much from this, if I can cover some of the costs, then I’ll be happy.


This one above is one of my favourites. I swear quite a bit in RL and I try to be a better person in SL. I have a hard time writing down swear words… why is that?


Got Bacon? See, I’m using some poses for the photos. Some poses just cry out for an accessory 🙂


Recognise this from The Big Bang Theory? One of Sheldon’s shirts. I doubt I’d wear the Green Lantern shirt in RL, but it looks cool here.


This is a little Cami top that was inspired by my friend Tizzy. “Qui s’y frotte s’y pique” literally means “If you rub it, you’ll get stung”, referring to the little hedgehog, but its a French idiom meaning: if you go looking for trouble, you’ll find it 🙂


“What does the Fox say?” Well if you don’t know or are unsure, see here:


This “The Specials” T-shirt is quit cool, the logo cycles though 6 colours. In the same way as the logo did in the 30th anniversary concert. See here:


This one sort of resumes who I am in one phrase 🙂

I was wondering about how to go about modelling the tops, perhaps finding a really beautiful model to do it but I just ended up doing some photos myself and it was less fuss.


A Cami top with the Triumphal Yacht Club logo. I offer this for free as I really like to support the best sailing club in SL.


Likewise, one for Patch II fans. Anything to support my favorite boat.


The Quest QT-28 Cami looks cool and this was made for the launch of the QT-28 and is available also for free.


The Breast Cancer Awareness T-shirt and the matching Patch II sail is available for free too. A worthy cause that I support. I lost my mom to cancer and I feel that the more we can do to highlight the issue, then perhaps the more can be done to screen for the disease and save other lives.

I’ve been told by some that T-shirts are not feminine enough… Well I’m not going to start making dresses, and T-shirts are easy to do and write stuff on, so I’m doing this for a bit. I may get some men’s models sometime soon. If anyone has suggestions, please give them.


5 thoughts on “My New Marketplace Shop”

  1. Congratulations on the store opening!! Fun stuff. “What does the fox say”, is it Jane Fossett who always requests that song?

  2. If you do buy something or take one of the free items, and if you do like it, please leave a quick one-line-review and rate it. If you really hate it, I’d prefer you told me directly so that I can try and fix it.

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