Thursday Patch II Races with the TrYC

Thursday 24th April 2014, 1pm SLT, North Sea. Race run by the Triumphal YC, hosted by the North Sea Group and Eden Yacht and Boat Club.

Full Race Results here:,2527.0.html


Race 1: North Sea Short Olympic Course

Race 2: North Sea Breadnut Raceline to Eden Auk Raceline

Race 3: North Sea SOL 13 Final – C
North Sea Sol 13 final - C


Snapshot_1895 Snapshot_1886 Snapshot_1884 Snapshot_1875
All the photos below were taken by my friend Laetitzia.
Snapshot_0371024 Snapshot_0381024 Snapshot_0391024 Snapshot_0401024 Snapshot_0411024 Snapshot_0021024 Snapshot_0041024 Snapshot_0061024 Snapshot_0081024 Snapshot_0091024 Snapshot_0101024 Snapshot_0111024 Snapshot_0121024 Snapshot_0131024 Snapshot_0141024 Snapshot_0151024 Snapshot_0161024 Snapshot_0171024 Snapshot_0201024 Snapshot_0221024 Snapshot_0241024 Snapshot_0261024 Snapshot_0271024 Snapshot_0281024 Snapshot_0291024 Snapshot_0301024 Snapshot_0311024 Snapshot_0321024 Snapshot_0331024 Snapshot_0341024 Snapshot_0351024 Snapshot_0361024


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