House-warming Party

I had a few friends over for a house-warming Party. So privileged to live in such a wonderful place, to have such good friends and to know such a cool DJ 🙂

♭Ebbe Linden was on had to to man the turntables for us whilst the real DJ picked the tunes and we had a wonderful time. Thanks to all who made it for coming. Snapshot_1786

Photo by Orca

To ♭Ebbe Linden, I would like to say: Please take note of what Orca has to advise you (here), these issues are really important and she says it better then I can.

We advance our society by developing and improving communication. This often means improving the means to get around. The way SL was designed has limited our means to move easily, to move and to enjoy sports that require movement.

We spend a lot of time racing here and to see people crash out is not fun. Most of the time this us due to bad sim crossings. Its like Russian Roulette, you may be efficiently set up at the start of the race, but a bad crossing can take you out all the same. It really reduces the fun of SL.

Lean to sail Ebbe Linden, I’ll teach you if you like. It will be fun.

I know that the future is mobile, but please carry on to improve the overall quality of the graphics and rendering for those that do appreciate the quality of SL.


The real avi spinning the disks was Mauren Mureaux (above, far left), the best DJ in SL.


Photo by Orca

3 thoughts on “House-warming Party”

  1. Thank you for inviting us to your fabulous party, You did a wonderful job decorating and making the spot festive and fun. We all had a great time P. xoxo

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