First Impressions – Quest Tom-28 Max


I was given the opportunity to test a few features of the Quest QT-28 that will be released in the next week. So here are some photos and a few facts about the new match racer.


Similar to the Quest Melges-24, the new QT-28 is modelled after the Tom-28 Max version, a well known match racing boat.  This will surely be popular on the SL racing circuit. Sleek and nimble in the water, this new build is slick in it’s ease of use.

42 prims for the QT-28 compared to the 80 of the M-24.

Just for reference, here are some pics of the QT-28 (green) and the M-24 (white) side-by-side.

Snapshot_1614 Snapshot_1616 Snapshot_1620
Snapshot_1623 Snapshot_1621 Snapshot_1619

If you have the M-24, then getting the QT-28 will be easy as you can use the same gestures and the controls are the same.


Like the other Quest boats, this boat has been built around a sailing engine derived from Kanker Greenacre’s Flying Tako.


This boat contains the BWind sailing engine and windsetter, that allows all sailors to sail in any water sim, even if a raceline or a windsetter are not present.

It is also WWC compatible and can be used with racelines throughout SL as most have a WWC wind setter near them.

This boat is fully WWC compliant, meaning it has Wind, Waves and Current. These are all read from the WWC setter.

Waves are set to be in the same direction as the wind is coming from so upwind they will slow you and downwind will add to your speed.
Current is also set in the setter and will have the appropriate effect on the boat. If you lower sails but not moor the boat you will drift with the current.


Setting the wind to WWC and setting the stern stay-flag has to be done before the sails are raised.

As with the other Quest boats, you set the channel, the race ID first. A combined gesture is good for this:

channel 0###
—wait : 1.0 seconds
/### wwc
—wait : 1.0 seconds
/### id PP01

Where ### is my 3-digit channel number. If you have a 4-digit number, use at ####; 2 digit channel number: 00##; 1 digit channel number: 000#.

The stern stay-flag can be set to blue (port boat) /### port or yellow (starboard boat) /### starboard

Snapshot_1633 Snapshot_1634

One of the first things you may notice when raising the sail and sailing off is the default camera position. I’m a noob, but I’m now used to my camera being behind the boat so that I can see the whole boat in front of me. The default camera <-3.18,0.0,2.4> here puts you in the cockpit like so:


Setting the camera further back <-6.0,0.0,2.4> gives a nicer view of the boat, but the back-stay and flag obscure the hud somewhat:


I put the camera even further back <-8.0,0.0,2.0> as this to me gives the best view of the boat:


To change these camera settings, you have to edit the BWind_1-50_STD-CAMERA script in the boat’s contents. Once edited and saved, take a copy of the boat, rename it if you like and use this one when you race next and your camera will be ready.

Even if part of the hud is obscured part of the time, for the most part, it is easy to see. You can swing the camera around a little to get a better view if required:


You can edit the flag and set it’s transparency to say 50. Like this, it won’t obscure the hud at all.

Note though: setting the camera too far back will make the hud disappear. At <-12.0,0.0,2.0> the hud starts to fade and at <-14.0,0.0,2.0> it is gone altogether.


Hehe, the keel is obviously not phantom and if you come up against some objects that are not phantom, you will get snagged. See this case of silly me not heeding the wreck marker buoy:


So what is really cool about this boat is the spinnaker. The spinnaker is a manual controlled symmetrical type spinnaker.

It is specifically built for running downwind, obviously.

It will not raise if apparent wind angle is below 115 degrees however it will slow you a bit there so don’t raise it until about 120-125.

As it says in the manual: Make sure to lower it BEFORE you turn upwind as it will slow you very quickly. (Think parachute facing the wrong way).

So look at these following photos showing the spinnaker up in all its glory.









What is not mentioned in the manual are the sheet commands. These are vital when trimming for racing:

/### sheet 1 to ease the sheet in small increments
/### sheet -1 to tighten the sheet in small increments

You can move the spinnaker port or starboard also, easier in slightly larger increments:

/### spinP 5 moves the spinnaker to port
/### spinS 5 moves the spinnaker to starboard

You can swing the spinnaker all the way to port or starboard with the following:

/### spinP 70 moves the spinnaker all the way to port (as long as the main is to starboard)
/### spinS 70 moves the spinnaker all the way to starboard (as long as the main is to port )


So a few more shots of me in the boat.



Underwater view:


Ant to part, sailing off into the sunset, and look a whale breaching just to make the shot perfect. SL can be great 🙂



3 thoughts on “First Impressions – Quest Tom-28 Max”

  1. Looks interesting. Both you and I think Orcs have referred to this boat as a match racer… I wonder how many yacht clubs or RDs will actually set up match races for it, or will they use it for class/fleet races?

    1. Well I would happily run a match racing series for the boat as long as we can get enough interested sailors involved. I am talking about this to a few people so it could really happen.

    2. The thing is: Running a proper MR event requires so much manpower. Training can be done with only two boats and their crew, but hard racing requires at least a couple or good judges – or umpires as they’re called. The rules are a really big part of the game in MR, and these rules differ in a number of important ways.

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