Ma bonne copine

Laetitzia is my good friend who sails a Patch II as well. She enjoys dancing so here are a couple of photos of her in a nice new gown. I had to find my gown so I wouldn’t ruin the photo of use together.
Laetitzia Laetitzia-Petra


Thursday Patch II Races with the TrYC

Thursday 24th April 2014, 1pm SLT, North Sea. Race run by the Triumphal YC, hosted by the North Sea Group and Eden Yacht and Boat Club.

Full Race Results here:,2527.0.html


Race 1: North Sea Short Olympic Course

Race 2: North Sea Breadnut Raceline to Eden Auk Raceline

Race 3: North Sea SOL 13 Final – C
North Sea Sol 13 final - C


Snapshot_1895 Snapshot_1886 Snapshot_1884 Snapshot_1875
All the photos below were taken by my friend Laetitzia.
Snapshot_0371024 Snapshot_0381024 Snapshot_0391024 Snapshot_0401024 Snapshot_0411024 Snapshot_0021024 Snapshot_0041024 Snapshot_0061024 Snapshot_0081024 Snapshot_0091024 Snapshot_0101024 Snapshot_0111024 Snapshot_0121024 Snapshot_0131024 Snapshot_0141024 Snapshot_0151024 Snapshot_0161024 Snapshot_0171024 Snapshot_0201024 Snapshot_0221024 Snapshot_0241024 Snapshot_0261024 Snapshot_0271024 Snapshot_0281024 Snapshot_0291024 Snapshot_0301024 Snapshot_0311024 Snapshot_0321024 Snapshot_0331024 Snapshot_0341024 Snapshot_0351024 Snapshot_0361024

House-warming Party

I had a few friends over for a house-warming Party. So privileged to live in such a wonderful place, to have such good friends and to know such a cool DJ 🙂

♭Ebbe Linden was on had to to man the turntables for us whilst the real DJ picked the tunes and we had a wonderful time. Thanks to all who made it for coming. Snapshot_1786

Photo by Orca

To ♭Ebbe Linden, I would like to say: Please take note of what Orca has to advise you (here), these issues are really important and she says it better then I can.

We advance our society by developing and improving communication. This often means improving the means to get around. The way SL was designed has limited our means to move easily, to move and to enjoy sports that require movement.

We spend a lot of time racing here and to see people crash out is not fun. Most of the time this us due to bad sim crossings. Its like Russian Roulette, you may be efficiently set up at the start of the race, but a bad crossing can take you out all the same. It really reduces the fun of SL.

Lean to sail Ebbe Linden, I’ll teach you if you like. It will be fun.

I know that the future is mobile, but please carry on to improve the overall quality of the graphics and rendering for those that do appreciate the quality of SL.


The real avi spinning the disks was Mauren Mureaux (above, far left), the best DJ in SL.


Photo by Orca

Quest QT-28 Unveiling

Qyv next to her new creation, the QT-282

The Quest T-28 was unveiled to the general public at 1pm, Thursday 12th April. A good crowd turned up of between 30 and 40 people.

Dawn on Eden Tern
Dawn on Eden Tern

The sun rose, just as we started the proceedings. Hawk gave us a little speech about the Tom-28 Max, and Qyv told us about her boat. Lots of questions were asked buy an eager crowd.

Speeches and Questions
Speeches and Questions

The vendor was then turned on and some people bought the boat, others took the demo which was set up for one hour to allow for some fun racing.

Breadnut Raceline
Breadnut Raceline

We raced a couple of races on the North Sea Olympic Course. Most people liked the boat. What I found was that you need to have your camera set to wherever you are most used to setting it and that you need to get your gestures sorted out.

Start of 2nd race
Start of 2nd race
A fleet of QT-28 boats starting
A fleet of QT-28 boats starting
Kris at the leading the fleet
Kris at the leading the fleet
Finish of the 1st race: Lucy wins, followed by Kris

So here are the results of the races:

Race 1 Results:
1: LucyInTheSky Afarensis IDLUCY — 00:21:40
2: Kris Hollysharp IDKH47 — 00:21:47
3: Arwyn Silverweb IDOSIE — not Finished
4: don Berithos IDUS — not Finished
5: PeterSailor Resident ID0228 — not Finished
6: Glorfindel Arrow ID1GA — not Finished
7: Orca Flotta IDORCA — different course

Race 2 Results:
1: Qyv Inshan ID07QI — 00:21:47
2: LucyInTheSky Afarensis IDLUCY — 00:24:10
3: Orca Flotta IDORCA — 00:24:48
4: Kris Hollysharp IDKH47 — not Finished
5: PeterSailor Resident ID0228 — not Finished
6: SteveLL Resident IDJB08 — not Finished
7: Speedmaster Bing IDPDY — not Finished
8: Glorfindel Arrow ID1GA — not Finished

Unfortunately some of the demo boats poofed as the racers were finishing the second race. We had let things drag on too long. Sorry about that, my fault, but we all had a good time and most got to appreciate this great new boat.

End of the Races
End of the Races

Thanks to everyone who came along, we hope you all had a good time.

First Impressions – Quest Tom-28 Max


I was given the opportunity to test a few features of the Quest QT-28 that will be released in the next week. So here are some photos and a few facts about the new match racer.


Similar to the Quest Melges-24, the new QT-28 is modelled after the Tom-28 Max version, a well known match racing boat.  This will surely be popular on the SL racing circuit. Sleek and nimble in the water, this new build is slick in it’s ease of use.

42 prims for the QT-28 compared to the 80 of the M-24.

Just for reference, here are some pics of the QT-28 (green) and the M-24 (white) side-by-side.

Snapshot_1614 Snapshot_1616 Snapshot_1620
Snapshot_1623 Snapshot_1621 Snapshot_1619

If you have the M-24, then getting the QT-28 will be easy as you can use the same gestures and the controls are the same.


Like the other Quest boats, this boat has been built around a sailing engine derived from Kanker Greenacre’s Flying Tako.


This boat contains the BWind sailing engine and windsetter, that allows all sailors to sail in any water sim, even if a raceline or a windsetter are not present.

It is also WWC compatible and can be used with racelines throughout SL as most have a WWC wind setter near them.

This boat is fully WWC compliant, meaning it has Wind, Waves and Current. These are all read from the WWC setter.

Waves are set to be in the same direction as the wind is coming from so upwind they will slow you and downwind will add to your speed.
Current is also set in the setter and will have the appropriate effect on the boat. If you lower sails but not moor the boat you will drift with the current.


Setting the wind to WWC and setting the stern stay-flag has to be done before the sails are raised.

As with the other Quest boats, you set the channel, the race ID first. A combined gesture is good for this:

channel 0###
—wait : 1.0 seconds
/### wwc
—wait : 1.0 seconds
/### id PP01

Where ### is my 3-digit channel number. If you have a 4-digit number, use at ####; 2 digit channel number: 00##; 1 digit channel number: 000#.

The stern stay-flag can be set to blue (port boat) /### port or yellow (starboard boat) /### starboard

Snapshot_1633 Snapshot_1634

One of the first things you may notice when raising the sail and sailing off is the default camera position. I’m a noob, but I’m now used to my camera being behind the boat so that I can see the whole boat in front of me. The default camera <-3.18,0.0,2.4> here puts you in the cockpit like so:


Setting the camera further back <-6.0,0.0,2.4> gives a nicer view of the boat, but the back-stay and flag obscure the hud somewhat:


I put the camera even further back <-8.0,0.0,2.0> as this to me gives the best view of the boat:


To change these camera settings, you have to edit the BWind_1-50_STD-CAMERA script in the boat’s contents. Once edited and saved, take a copy of the boat, rename it if you like and use this one when you race next and your camera will be ready.

Even if part of the hud is obscured part of the time, for the most part, it is easy to see. You can swing the camera around a little to get a better view if required:


You can edit the flag and set it’s transparency to say 50. Like this, it won’t obscure the hud at all.

Note though: setting the camera too far back will make the hud disappear. At <-12.0,0.0,2.0> the hud starts to fade and at <-14.0,0.0,2.0> it is gone altogether.


Hehe, the keel is obviously not phantom and if you come up against some objects that are not phantom, you will get snagged. See this case of silly me not heeding the wreck marker buoy:


So what is really cool about this boat is the spinnaker. The spinnaker is a manual controlled symmetrical type spinnaker.

It is specifically built for running downwind, obviously.

It will not raise if apparent wind angle is below 115 degrees however it will slow you a bit there so don’t raise it until about 120-125.

As it says in the manual: Make sure to lower it BEFORE you turn upwind as it will slow you very quickly. (Think parachute facing the wrong way).

So look at these following photos showing the spinnaker up in all its glory.









What is not mentioned in the manual are the sheet commands. These are vital when trimming for racing:

/### sheet 1 to ease the sheet in small increments
/### sheet -1 to tighten the sheet in small increments

You can move the spinnaker port or starboard also, easier in slightly larger increments:

/### spinP 5 moves the spinnaker to port
/### spinS 5 moves the spinnaker to starboard

You can swing the spinnaker all the way to port or starboard with the following:

/### spinP 70 moves the spinnaker all the way to port (as long as the main is to starboard)
/### spinS 70 moves the spinnaker all the way to starboard (as long as the main is to port )


So a few more shots of me in the boat.



Underwater view:


Ant to part, sailing off into the sunset, and look a whale breaching just to make the shot perfect. SL can be great 🙂


Free Breast Cancer Awareness sails for the Patchogue II

If you have a Patch II and if you sail on one of the Breast Cancer Awareness cruises, feel free to hoist these sails. Or if you would just like to show your support for Breast Cancer Awareness, please feel free to use them whenever you like.

Create a notecard called ‘sails’ (note the lower case), add the following:


Save the notecard and add it to the Contents of the Patchogue boat next to the ‘settings’ notecard. Remember to take your boat back to inventory if you want the sails out every time you rez the boat. Rename the boat if you wish. If you wish to get your white canvas sails back, simply remove the ‘sails’ notecard.