Sail numbers, boat-names and graphics


I was recently directing a race of Patch II yachts. A great fleet of boats, but tricky to identify some individuals from a distance and to determine who’s who in case of a protest. Mine is the one with the big red-ochre sail on the sideline at the start, you can’t miss that.

The Patch II is a classic boat and many classics never had race numbers, but if we do add a sail number in an appropriate way, I think it would help with the races and minimize confusion in case of disputes.

So what I’m proposing, is that you add a number or a means to uniquely identify your sail. This can be a logo, a colour or a sail number (or a combination of them). And for numbers, the most logical is to use the boat ID. A good time to think about your ID if it’s a little silly now. For IDs, I recommend the initials of the owner or name of the boat followed by either the boat number or chat channel. My yacht is called ‘Naked Lady’, the IDs are NL01 (my first one that is varnished), and NL02 (my black painted racing version).

I was adding some numbers for a couple of friends, this is what they look like.


So as I now have this template to easily add other numbers to the Patch II sails, I’m offering this service to other Patch II owners if you want a number on your’s. Just send me some Lindens to cover the image uploading, give me the number, and I’ll send you a notecard with the UUID of the new sail texture.

To add this new sail to your Patch II, you simply edit the boat, go to the Contents tab and drag the notecard that I give you called ‘sails’ into the Contents along with the other stuff there like the settings notecard etc. You take back the boat into your inventory and voilà, you have it.


I can also add a name to the transom of your little yacht if you desire. This takes a little longer so buy me some wine or something first. I need the boat colour (for the background – white, blue, red, black or bright/varnished);  then I need the name of your boat and  the port where you keep it or where you live or your yacht club (just check with them first if its OK to have the name of the club on your boat). Give me either a font name or and idea of what type of font you like. I don’t have them all, but I can get some if they are free. I can send you back the texture or help you install it if you have trouble. Time = Lindens or more wine etc.

See the one above, it has a name, a port and a sail number – Quite cool.

I do have the template now for the red-ochre sail, so if you want one too, I can give you that. I claim the naked lady logo however 😉


Boat name ideas: Cool Boat Names
Free Fonts: 1001 Free Fronts


2 thoughts on “Sail numbers, boat-names and graphics”

  1. Wonderful. We’ve been missing that for ages and even before that. If the sailnumbers look to weird on classic sails, then there’s always the option of adding a number to the hull instead.

    1. Thanks for commenting 🙂 I’m helping some of our racers add names too to their yachts. I encourage to customise the basic default colour.

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